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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Fall of Western Civilization -- March 23, 2012

Earlier this week, I thought to make use of the relative peace and quiet I have had since being moved to the 2nd floor by reading a thought provoking book. There is a stark difference from the continual disruptions and noise I had to deal with in my former cell. My cellmates, along with the commotion outside my cell bars, made it immensely difficult to focus on deep thoughts for any protracted period of time. Living in the "Big House" with hundreds of loud, obnoxious prisoners, however, is never the ideal environment to study despite wherever your cage happens to be located and I have stayed in its confines most of the week to isolate myself as much as possible. Except for a couple of meals, I have not left my concrete cubicle: no yards, no health care passes, no showers, and not even a visit. Although I typically exhibit hermit-like qualities here, I have done so more than usual to read Mark Steyn's cataclysmic book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It.

Initially, I was uncertain what book I was going to read. I have a collection of books in my correspondence box that I have yet to read but plan to do so eventually. I am interested in learning more about complicated investments which I have had no experience with. A prisoner gave me a large school-like textbook called Options Demystified--A Self-Teaching Guide which I was especially considering after speaking with a volunteer teacher. He just began a non-credited high school algebra class at the prison and wanted me to help tutor his students. Half of the class already dropped out and at least half of the remaining prisoners were having trouble understanding basic mathematics. I told the teacher I cared little to tutor the morons and clowns at Stateville how to count with their fingers and toes let alone algebra. However, the retired teacher said he not only taught H.S. algebra but also college level economics and knew a lot about investing. He made me a deal if I were to assist him in teaching mathematics, he would teach me about sophisticated brokerage exchanges. "Options Demystified" seemed like a good book to read before I began to have discussions with the man.

Another book I was recently given is Heydrich--The Face of Evil by Mario R. Dedericks. A few prisoners I speak to on occasion have already read the book and they are very interested in my opinion. Apparently, I am an authority on history, especially military history. They are also aware I am highly political and know a considerable amount about Germany's 3rd Reich. Oddly, a pedophile in another cell house that Steve and I were formerly in named Bickerstaff ordered this book for us thinking it would make us, but especially myself, think better of him. No, I do not care what gifts he sends. I will always have nothing but disdain for the weird old man from the Dixon area who molested a number of Boy Scouts. As a spoof, I sent a caricature of Chuck in a Boy Scout uniform trying to lure children, and wrote "Bickerstaff-The Face of Evil" to Steve who has been asking me about the book for weeks now.

Despite having these books and others, I decided reading America Alone--The End of the World as We Know It due to recent global and political events. The cover of Mark Steyn's book has a picture on it of the globe with numerous green Islamic flags with the crescent moon, morning star, and sword sticking out of it except one in the center of the Stars and Stripes. Even without reading the back cover or updated 2008 paperback introduction, it was obvious what the theme of the book would be. The author sees radical Islam taking over much of Western Civilization and leaving "American alone" to fight against the jihad. I have not seen the war against militant Islamic fringe groups as threatening to the West as evangelical Christians, neo-conservatives, or others do. However, the foreign policy of the Obama administration along with specific highly publicized events this month, has made me want to have a better understanding of the issues.

Earlier this month, U.S. Staff Sgt. Robert Bales went on a rampage killing 16 Afghan civilians. Personally, I do not think a soldier who had a mental breakdown should affect foreign policy. However, many political pundits are saying the war is now untenable. The goals initially outlined by the Bush administration were unwise and untenable to begin with, in my opinion, and Bales' killing spree is irrelevant when compared to the hundreds of NATO soldiers serving as a police agency that have been murdered by the very ones they are allegedly protecting.

Over the weekend, a teacher and three children at a Jewish school in S.W. France were shot and killed by an unknown assailant on a motorcycle. Four days earlier in the same area, a few Algerian French soldiers were gunned down. The liberal media was quick to draw conclusions the acts were committed by a white supremacist, the usual scapegoat. However, on Wednesday the attacks were done by a lone Islamic radical named Mohamed Merah. While surrounded by police in his apartment, the Muslim confessed and bragged about the murders. He gave police the typical motivations of Islamic terrorists and said he would die a martyr before surrendering. No mention of Sgt. Bales was made and the man indeed refused to be taken alive. While reading my book, I watched the media coverage out of Toulouse, France unfold.

Mark Steyn is a well known conservative political commentator. He writes for a number of newspapers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and even New Zealand's "Hawk's Bay". I have never read any of his columns but I did know he occasionally fills in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network or in the Chicago talk radio show affiliate WLS. In fact, today before I began writing this journal entry, I listened to Mark Steyn. Steyn lacks Limbaugh's booming and captivating voice, however the Canadian can be very witty and amusing. Today, he made fun of Obama's posturing on energy policy and his approval just to allow building the bottom half of the Keystone Pipeline, although federal consent was not even necessary for a pipeline which does not cross the state line of Texas. Despite Obama's deception, he is against any infrastructure or production of fossil fuels and is, according to Steyn, "President Algae-Solyndra". He also ridiculed the accounting gimmicks of Obamacare to make people believe it would only cost one trillion dollars over ten years instead of two.

The book America Alone was sent to me a few years ago by a penpal who I have written longer than anyone except members of my own family. In 2005, I placed an ad for penpals on The ad was mainly about my interests and criminal conviction. When I only received a few responses, I quickly replaced it with a romantic ad which was apparently very compelling because I received well over 100 letters from women all over the world. However, before I switched ads, I began writing a female Spanish Fascist and a Canadian man with strong conservative and Christian values. I never responded to a man's reply before because I assumed they were all homosexuals. However, it seemed the man was not motivated by such but rather to question, if not ridicule, my claim of innocence. This made me so angry that faggot or not I was going to write him back a scathing letter. Oddly, this began my friendship with Rick who later sent me Mark Steyn's book.

Although America Alone was only a little over 200 pages long, I did not finish reading it until this morning. Steyn's writing style is clever, sardonic, and amusing, but it is not structured or ordered very well. The reading material seems more suited for an unscripted, entertaining radio talk show than a serious manuscript. The subject matter he deals with is very important and deep but he approaches it in a lighthearted way. I suppose that is why Steyn is the National Review's "Happy Warrior". On the back of the book is a photo of the author that does not at all look like the person I expected. The dichotomy between his serious photo and the serious issues he addresses such that may "End the World as We Know It," and his casual rambling, fast paced sometimes goofy talk or writing was difficult to process. I often had to stop and ponder the information, ideas, and arguments made. During his talk show, I even went over the notes I made when reading his book to help write this journal entry and for my own benefit.

The introduction and first fifty pages I read on Tuesday before the Illinois primary results began to come in. I was certain Mitt Romney would win the state, but I did not want to miss any political coverage. I also wanted to see how certain state and federal congressional races turned out as well as the contest for the state's Supreme Court. Unlike the federal system where the Supreme Court is appointed by the President, all of Illinois' judges are elected. I believe it is foolish policy to allow the ignorant masses to elect their judges, especially the highest court in the state. Politics, voter sentiment, and the law should not mix. Plus, the people often have no idea who the judicial candidates are, their expertise, or records. Just as the founding fathers of America, I question the wisdom of a direct universal democracy. America was created as an elite republic and if a similar system still existed, the U.S. would not have all the problems and crises mentioned in America Alone. While Mark Steyn ridicules modern social democracy, he unfortunately does not advocate for any structural reform of citizenship, rights, or the voting system in America, Europe, or elsewhere in the West.

Steyn begins his fatalistic vision with the ludicrous apocalyptic scenarios of the political left. He mentions the doomsday rhetoric of overpopulation, peak oil, another ice age, global warming, and endangered species such as the Spotted Owl. The real crisis and endangered species is Western Civilization which is committing political, cultural, and demographic suicide. Furthermore, while the West sinks into a degenerate void, a growing menace from the East seeks to replace or destroy its nemesis. The danger comes not from China, but in the author's perspective, Islam. Islam he predicts within the 21st Century will take over all of Western Civilization except for the U.S. which will be the only remaining bastion for Christianity, freedom, and "the way of life as we know it". Western Civilization faces an existential threat from within and without, and compels readers to awaken to the life and death struggle.

Much of Mark Steyn's book emphasizes the collapsing demographics of the Western peoples. Indeed, these numbers are alarming and I doubt many realize how people of European descent are evaporating. In order for a country to maintain its population, close to a 2.2 replacement rate is required for every couple. However, throughout Europe, women are no longer having children and when they do, family sizes, if there is even a traditional family unit, are very small. On a per capita basis, the fertility rate in Canada is 1.5, Spain 1.3, and Russia only a sliver over 1. Over 30% of German women go without children, and 40% of those with college educations. Spain's population is predicted to half every generation, and Russia with a peak population in 1992 of 148 million will be under 50 million by the end of the century. The Black Plague wiped out 1/3 of Europeans in the 14th century, yet without major war or disease, they will die out in a greater proportion in the 21st century.

Many times America is noted for its exceptionalism, including demographics. The fertility rate of women in America is at replacement levels and thanks to immigration, while Europe is predicted to lose 100 million or more, America will grow by the same amount. However, there is nothing to boast about in these numbers because the cause is from the invasion of the country's southern border. It is Mexican immigration which is causing fertility rates to climb and the population to increase at a rate never seen before in the history of North America. While Muslim immigration is seen as dangerous and alarming in Europe, Mark Steyn does not have the same sense about another alien people taking over America. The entire S.W. of America will soon be Aztland, but because they are Christian, it is not so upsetting despite how Mexican crime and drug cartels have killed many more Americans than all acts of terrorism by Islamic radicals.

Like most evangelical Christians or Zionists, Steyn focuses on the Islamification of Europe. The open borders policy of America is the same throughout most of Europe, except the former is being occupied by Indians and the latter by African and Middle Eastern Muslims. While Russian women terminate 70% of their pregnancies, Muslim women have by far the highest fertility rates. Furthermore, Siberia which is becoming a vacant wilderness is also being eyed by the Chinese who have well over a billion people and are desperate for natural resources, including women. With Russian men succumbing to alcoholism, heart disease, and death before their mid-50s, and China's soon to have a 70% male population, the Yellow Horde may soon again be on their way to Moscow as they were a millennium ago. Unfortunately, the author dismisses the Chinese to refocus on Islamic demographics replacing Christian Europeans. It is startling that in France, Britain, and elsewhere, three times the youths are foreigners and in the large cities the proportion is even higher. I would be skeptical of my reading that nearly half of Scandinavia's capital's are half Muslim if not already told this by my ex-girlfriend several years ago. It seems incredible that not long ago Europe was colonizing the world and now it is being colonized.

Ironically, the Vikings which terrorized Christian Europe and conquered lands from N. America deep into Russia have had the tables turned on them by Muslims. Although most Scandinavians were in shock and initially labeled him insane, I was not surprised when Anders Behring Breivik went berserk last summer in Norway. Breivik did not focus his anger at the large population of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East but on the political left which has encouraged the mass migration. On July 23rd, Breivik bombed and shot to death 77 people at a Socialist Democrat propaganda youth camp.

The demographics as Breivik and the author of America Alone describe are only a symptom of the problem facing Western Civilization. A powerful nation implodes before it is taken over. The true cause of decline is the decadent, defeatist, and self flagellating liberal political parties and culture. Mark Steyn writes: "Advanced society trumpets its defeats as virtues." It is absurd how the political left encourages immigration, nihilism, the nanny state, pacifism, and loathing of their own country, people, and culture. The "edict of toleration laws" is used to "abase themselves before the gods of multiculturalism." Ironic how liberal groups and political parties promote feminism and gay rights, as well as the rights of Muslims who seek to destroy the former, but dare not be a racist or nationalist or these tolerant multi-culturalists will become the most hateful, intolerant bigots. After WWII, pride in nation, race, and culture has been vilified to such an extent that the West would rather commit suicide than oppose immigration. With the fall of communism in the U.S.S.R., there was a perception in Europe and America of victory. However, the vile tentacles of Marxist ideas have only pervaded the West without the arch nemesis to fight against.

Mark Steyn relates various horrific actions by Islamic terrorists thinking thereafter Europe will rip off their Marxist strait jackets, but they are repeatedly disappointed. On 3/11/04, hundreds of Spaniards were killed in a train bombing in Madrid. The attack was thought to galvanize the people much like 9/11/01 did in the U.S. However, incredibly, the Spaniards came out to vote overwhelmingly for the Socialist Workers Party a few days later. Fortunately, the Spanish have since rid themselves of this vile majority party. But the vote in 2004 was certainly symbolic of the weakness, cowardice, and appeasement of society. The lack of will is not surprising considering how degenerate and feminized European society has become.

Mark Steyn mentions an amusing book title written by Klaus Schwerma called Stephpinkeln: Die Letzte Bastion der Mannlichkeit?" (Standing Urinators: The Last Bastion of Masculinity?) Unbelievably some European toilets have been retrofitted with voice alarms if the toilet seat is lifted. The voice demands the offender to put the seat back down and threatens with a fine if they do not obey. I would not have believed this story had I not learned how feminism has taken over N. European countries. I used to razz my former girlfriend who lives in Sweden that all the men in her land have been castrated and thus why she sought out an American, even if he was in prison for life. While once Europe had Nazism, they now have feminazism. The tyrannical zeal to empower women and castrate men is the same vehement means used by other liberal crusaders to destroy the vitality, traditional culture, and virtue of the nation state until it is a perverse, empty shell.

In America Alone, secular atheism is blamed alot for the troubles in Europe. Europeans with their broken compasses and empty buckets are lost for identity and meaning in their lives without Christianity. I agree with the description, but not the deduction. The West does need to fill the nihilistic void, but secular humanism and Christianity are different sides of the same coin. Communism was the replacement of Christianity in an oppressive militant state. Collectivism, altruism, utopia are all parallel themes. What is needed, however, is just the opposite: rugged individualism, social Darwinism, and realism. A civilization does not need God to be a robust superpower. What matters is a racially unified people with virtuous values, culture, and institutions.

I also disagree with Mark Steyn's belief that the collapse of Christianity has led to the collapse of families. In Europe, religion is strongest in the south and yet other than Russia, this is where the lowest fertility rates in the world are. I tend to believe the Russian exception is due in large part to the nihilistic culture and horrendous number of abortions performed. While the Catholic Church has an admirable steadfast position against abortion and contraception (except when it comes to preventing severely deformed, crippled, or retarded births), its adherents do not. Recently, a large amount of attention has been paid to the U.S. President's insistence on contraception being provided by health insurance companies. The pill is unquestionably the cause of demographic decline in the West, far more than superficial religions. Furthermore, contraception has done far more damage to those in Europe and America than fewer babies. The liberal media vehemently attacked Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke (pronounced Fluck), who testified before a U.S. Senate Committee, a slut for lobbying on behalf of free contraception. However, even if the college student is not a slut, the vast majority of women in the West are, and this moral depravity has had tragic repercussions throughout society. It goes far beyond a women's issue and I am confounded why Mark Steyn did not raise this issue.

The author does a good job interlocking social and fiscal issues together. For example, the social welfare state is in a precarious condition because it is based on a Ponzi scheme dependent on new marks. If the social welfare state runs out of children to heap debt on ad infinite, it collapses and the new immigrants are mostly adding to the burden rather than assisting. Ironicly, the "Shoe Bomber" and many other terrorists were on public aid. Islamic immigrants in Europe and Mexican immigrants in the U.S. are greatly dependent on social welfare. Pensions, health care, welfare, entitlements, and bailouts are bankrupting the West. Furthermore, the billions of dollars America sends to Islamic countries for oil is used to fund the export of Islam abroad. Unfortunately, little is said about China's massive trade surplus and how they are using their dollars to increase their power and diminish ours.

The nanny state is bad in America, and under President Obama getting worse, but it is still no where close to Europe. Europeans are addicted to their lavish social welfare programs, short working hours, long vacations, employment benefits, jobs for life, free health care and education. They are dependent on government from cradle to grave, and with this carefree and excess spending that took place for decades, they now must pay the piper. While America had its subsidized housing bubble, Europe has a sovereign debt crisis from its social welfare bubble. Even if these financial meltdowns have been averted, the governments of the West face massive retrenchment. A double dip recession will occur in Europe and soon thereafter America will follow. In Europe the minute retraction or even talk of reducing the nanny state has caused protests like temper tantrums of babies with their bottles taken away. Even in the U.S., the babies are whining, and it will take a long time for these people to grow up and kick their dependency on government.

The withdrawals from Western society addicted on government should be a wake up call. These dependents lose their own self sufficiency. The nanny state is not only financially crippling but socially because a country of infantiles is irresponsible, unambitious, incompetent, and has selfish, short sited, gratifying desires. When the nanny state takes care of people from their births to their deaths, they become soft, weak, dependents. Although most of Europe is graying, they are like adult children. No wonder they do not want children when they are children emotionally themselves. Obamacare even seeks to keep children on their parents' healthcare insurance until their mid-20's. The social welfare state takes away the instinct for survival, morals, and defers mature responsible adulthood. It is not just feminism, contraception, and lack of religious values that has delayed the onset of families, it is the social welfare state. Steyn ridicules Islamic men for marrying their cousins, yet at least they marry early and do not have kids in their 30's, if at all. The possibility of genetic birth defects is actually higher for babies who are carried by 30-year-old mothers than for the babies of first cousins.

Not long ago, I read about a scientific study in Russia where they sought to see how many generations it would take to domesticate the grey fox. Amazingly, by selective breeding, a more docile, dependent, friendlier and less aggressive fox was created within eight generations. If such changes in a fox can be made those can also be made within people. Imagine what changes have already occurred within the populations living within nanny states. Imagine what the effects of feminism and contraception would have over generations. Contraception not only alters the natural breeding but the hormonal balance of a woman so she favors weaker men as mates. Why have a successful dominant male anyway when women have government, feminist empowerment, or are childless?

During my reading of America Alone, I stopped to go out for chow. There to greet me was my political nemesis who regularly has some disparagement of conservatism or the Republican presidential candidates. The Lieutenant is a fervent supporter of Barack Obama and his socialist agenda. He often will call me "Mr. Tea Party," or "Tea Party Express," and we have had many political debates in the past when I used to be celled in a cell house he supervised. On the way into the chow hall I told him how Obamacare was going to be ruled unconstitutional in at least part by the Supreme Court which is hearing the issue next week. I noticed how he was drinking a cup of coffee and told him how he needs to change over to tea--freedom tea. On the way out of the chow hall I saw him again. This time I invited him over to "my house" for a Tea Party after his quasi-Marxist leader is voted out of office. The Lieutenant takes his politics passionately but is always happy to exchange zingers. He may make a good "Happy Warrior" for the left, and it would be interesting to hear him as a guest while Mark Steyn is hosting the Rush Limbaugh show.

The last chapter of America Alone is called "The Falling Camel." It is based on an Arabic proverb: "A falling camel attracts many knives." The author sums up how Islam sees Western Civilization as the sickly collapsing society that will have a thousand blades thrust into it before it hits the ground. For a long time I have contemplated the threat of Islamic radicalism. Mark Steyn challenged my beliefs that a crude small marginalized and backwards group of extremists were a danger. His book gives a strong argument about how even a 7th century people armed with 21st century technology and globalism could menace a superpower like the U.S., let alone the weak social democracies it protects in Europe. The Germanics were considered barbarians by the Romans and yet they destroyed the Empire. It was not due to superior weapons, tactics, or especially progressive civilization. Rome was dying literally and metaphorically. Due to war, cosmopolitism, and an overstretched empire, the original Italics and their culture disintegrated. Much of Rome's armies in fact were made up of Germanics and other peoples who did not share any identity or pride in Rome. The elite Roman Republic became a decadent, weak, and repugnantly vile empire. The Germans contrarily were a more robust, strong, and numerous people. They loved battle, freedom, and although they embraced life, were not afraid to die. Mark Steyn may not like it, but Rome fell not long after Christianity became the state religion and there may be some causation. The Germanics did not see a falling camel but they certainly saw an opportunity to deal a death blow to a sick imploding civilization.

Despite how it seems there are parallels to Western civilization's fate to the ruins of Rome, I do not agree with the specific dangers and plans to reverse course. I notice how Steyn and the current and previous White House administrations sought to make democracies of previously authoritarian Islamic regimes. The liberal President and neoconservatives differ in resolve and leadership but in essence are similar. It seems foolish to push freedoms onto various peoples while ours disappears and also to put their houses in order when ours are falling apart. Western Civilization needs to worry more about the home front first before going abroad. Furthermore, when using power globally, I believe in "realpolitik", unlike the author. This means that I do not care for idealistic or utopian crusades. Mark Steyn seems to believe America should extend its Christian, democratic, and values of freedom across the globe and this is like the global, international humanitarian government the liberals champion. While a nation state should have a muscular military, it should only be used to enhance its own power and security. Also while military power should be used full throttle, it needs to be used wisely.

The creation of democracies is based upon not only bringing freedom to oppressed peoples, but by reducing those people to the same level as Western Civilization. The theory is democratic states are less aggressive because they are focused on their own political infighting rather than focusing their pent up rage outwardly. A less oppressed, wealthy, and educated people are also less likely to strap bombs to themselves, risk war and death, or believe a thousand virgins are awaiting them in the hereafter. Giving women the right to vote will also dismantle the traditional Islamic faith. Their societies will become more civilized, feminized, less radical, and impotent. Possibly, they will succomb to the same evils as "The Great Satan." We can show them the nihilistic bliss of social democracy, multiculturalism, feminism, contraception, and our vile pop culture. This way we can all be one decadent, pacifist, dying people smoking the opiate of alleged progressive civilization. Dream further and we can even cause the Chinese, North Koreans, and others to peacefully demilitarize and join the global community. Soon we can all be high singing John Lennon's song "Imagine," and have world peace. But then all you hippies and confused neocons need to be slapped out of your foolish delusions and daydreams.