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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Racism: Post Zimmerman Trial -- July 27, 2013

Two weeks ago today, George Zimmerman was acquitted of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter charges. However, despite how the shooting of Trayvon Martin was overwhelmingly proven to be justified, there continues to be a clamor for him to be punished. Crowds of black protesters in a number of major U.S. cities demand new federal charges be brought against him. Lawyers of Martin's family speak of filing a wrongful death lawsuit and join black antagonists pressuring federal prosecutors for civil rights charges. In a speech to the NAACP, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said he was considering prosecuting Zimmerman and pressed for states to eliminate their "stand your ground" gun laws, although neither race nor the statute were relevant in the case. Even the president followed by addressing the nation, personalizing and politicizing the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Barack Obama continues to pander to minorities by perpetuating the myth of racial injustice. Lies, deception, and fraud abound in America while much needed frank discussion and truth are shunned.

After writing my last post "Justice Prevails for Zimmerman," I watched an interview of juror B37. Anderson Cooper did not reveal her name and questioned her in shadow. Despite how I thought the anonymity was cowardly, I was pleased by her honesty. Unwaveringly, she told a national audience how George Zimmerman was fully justified in shooting Trayvon Martin. After a string of burglaries, Martin's behavior was understandably suspicious. It had nothing to do with his race and race was not once a topic of discussion. George properly notified police and there was nothing wrong with him getting out of his car. The testimony of Rachel Jenteal was not believable and it was apparent Martin could have just walked away. Instead, he decided to brutally attack Zimmerman and there was no question whose cries for help were heard on 9-11 calls. She had a tremendous amount of sympathy for both George and Trayvon. However, she and the other jurors put everything they had into deliberations and it was clear George was innocent. One juror held out for manslaughter, but after reviewing the law she was in agreement with a full acquittal.

This case never should have gone to trial. From the beginning, it was obvious there was no proof Zimmerman was not acting in self-defense. Contrarily, from his wounds and the initial investigation the prosecutor was correct in not filing charges. It was only after the likes of Darryl Parks, Al Sharpton, and others stirred racial passions, that the states attorney was replaced with a new and less scrupulous public official. This woman is none other than Angela Corey. Corey does not care about truth, justice, or integrity. She, like many of those in the Cook County States Attorney's Office only cares about politics and securing convictions. Just after the acquittal of Zimmerman, she refused to admit error. Disrespecting the law, due process, and the jury, she told a Headline News reporter he was still guilty. Her lackey, Bernie de la Rionda who prosecuted the case, described Zimmerman as lucky, inferring he had gotten away with murder. If they would have said such things about my co-defendant, I would agree, but their continued accusations against Zimmerman only showed how corrupt and sour they are. Zimmerman's attorney, Don West, was correct to say the prosecution was disgraceful.

With the interview of the juror over, I turned channels to watch Bear Grills' new show "Get Out Alive." My cellmate asked me why I was not watching "Precious". Immediately following Anderson Cooper on CNN is Piers Morgan and he had Rachel Jenteal on his program. I was not surprised the British socialist who has always been critical of George Zimmerman sought to rehabilitate the prosecution's "star witness". During commercial breaks on NBC, I watched Jenteal try to rebuild her character and credibility. However, despite the friendly reception of Morgan and applause of the liberal minded audience, she was still a comical, fat and retarded, liar. She should have been featured on Anderson Cooper's "Ridiculist."

The following day, I tuned into the Rush Limbaugh talk show. The topic of discussion was the U.S. attorney general's speech to the NAACP. Pandering to the black audience, Eric Holder said he was considering civil rights charges against George Zimmerman. This was a farce meant to endear the organization and enthuse the African-American electorate to vote Democratic. Already, blacks vote 95% for the political party. However, their turnout may be lackluster without Barack Obama on the ticket for midterm elections.

Zimmerman need not worry about being re-prosecuted in a federal court. His attorneys had proven he was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin and there was no evidence he was racially motivated. Ironically, if anyone was charged with a civil rights violation, it would have been the black teenager. He was the one who attacked Zimmerman and smashed his head into concrete after purportedly telling Jenteal there was a creepy ass cracker following him. During Jenteal's interview with Piers Morgan she may claim it was merely ghetto slang and not a derogatory racial remark, however, I think most people would disagree. Interesting how after her testimony, Darryl Parks and other lawyers backed away from their claim race was an issue yet now again it is an issue, front and center.

In the U.S. attorney general's speech he said he had to have a troubling talk with his son about how he could be racially profiled or a victim of racism. Ignored is how many white children are subject to prejudice, intimidation, bullying and violence. There is a reason why white parents in large U.S. cities send their kids to private schools and it is not simply to receive a better education. My cousins who grew up in Chicago were subject to racism at school and in black or Hispanic neighborhoods. During my incarceration in Cook County Jail and the IDOC I have repeatedly seen white men attacked, robbed, or stabbed based on their skin color. Stateville at one time was called "The White Man's Graveyard" and in the 80's or 90's I would have never been in general population. Not only did you need to be concerned about convicts but staff as well.

For the U.S. attorney general to be so racially divisive was appalling, but I was also annoyed by his condemnation of state's gun laws. The "stand your ground" law was not even relevant in George Zimmerman's trial. His lawyers chose not to invoke the statute which merely provides for a hearing to be conducted. The hearing is simply to preempt the prosecution of registered firearm owners who justifiably use their weapon. They do not have to retreat from an assault, robbery, rape, or other crime which threatens serious bodily injury or death. It is a good law and does not give people a license to kill. Crime would probably be reduced if more states adopted broader conceal and carry laws. Statistics support conclusions that where gun rights are strongest, crime rates are lowest. However, this may also be due to liberal and urban areas having the most crime. Chicago, for example, has one of the most strict gun ordinances, liberal politics, and highest crime.

Major protests by black people have occurred in the last couple of weeks in Atlanta, Oakland, L.A., Philadelphia, and other cities. From television news, I have heard over a million people have signed an online petition for Zimmerman to be federally prosecuted. Unfortunate Eric Holder did not want to point out to the NAACP that these same cities are the ones with the highest rates of gun crimes in the black community. In Chicago last year there were over 500 murders and this year there is already over 200. Most of the victims are black as are their perpetrators, however, there are no mass demonstrations. Apparently black on black crime is OK. Black on white crime is also fine just not the reverse. When a white person is even suspected of being racist or committing a crime on a black person, it is a horrendous evil and intolerable. Just look at how Paula Dean was vilified for simply admitting to saying the word nigger.

Since the Zimmerman verdict, most black prisoners have been mum. Because Martin was black they sided with him but those who followed the case knew the state did not come close to proving the charges. Furthermore, a great majority of African American men at Stateville have shot and killed people. They are in prison for the rest of their lives for rape and robbery, but mainly murder. It is difficult to become riled up over a man who shot someone in self defense. There are more important issues and injustices on convicts' minds including not being able to shop. This Wednesday my visit was delayed an hour while inmates refused to leave the chow hall. The warden eventually addressed their protest by agreeing to allow them to go to the prison store. Personally I think the issue was minor compared to other problems in the IDOC. However, being able to buy overpriced commissary regularly is a priority to many prisoners.

Multitudes of lawyers representing Trayvon Martin's parents have spoken publicly about not only pressuring federal prosecutors for renewed charges, but a wrongful death lawsuit. Possibly, this was their motivation from the beginning. It is unheard of that a victim's family had so many attorneys. Actually, I cannot recall a victim or his/her family ever being represented by counsel before or during a prosecution. This is the job of prosecutors. Darryl Parks will say that if it were not for lawyers like him, there would have never been a prosecution. Regardless, I tend to believe all these mouth pieces are looking to enhance their own names or pocket books. However, they will be going empty handed because although the burden of proof is less in a civil suit, there is no proof. This is not an OJ Simpson case where a retrial or a lower burden of proof will change the result. Zimmerman's attorneys actually proved his innocence. If anything, he should be paid for wrongful prosecution and defamation of character. At the minimum, he should be reimbursed for legal expenses.

It is stunning how the media, public, and many authorities continue to not accept the jury's verdict. This was a good man just trying to be of service to his community. He volunteered to be a neighborhood watchman and sought to prevent crime. Yet he was accused of a crime and despite his exoneration, people still seek to do him harm. On the day of his arrest, I was convinced he did not harbor any malicious intent. During his trial, I became convinced he had good intentions and days after his acquittal these were only reinforced. The liberal media did not give it much attention but he came to the rescue of a family who had run off a freeway. Many drivers may have just kept going or made a phone call for help. Yet, Zimmerman abruptly stopped, jumped out of his car and pulled the occupants out of their crashed vehicle to safety. This demonstrates the nature of the man. Possibly, he rushes into things or gets in over his head, but he wants to be heroic. His motives are honorable and this is more than I can say about the president more often than not.

About a week after Zimmerman was acquitted, Barack Obama addressed the nation. Rather than being a uniter, he was a divider. Rather than supporting the rule of law, he undermined it. Rather than saying justice prevailed, he insinuated it failed. Rather than speaking boldly and truthfully, he was deceptive. The president always in campaign mode sought to even politicize the death of Trayvon Martin. The tragedy was a political opportunity to oppose 2nd Amendment rights and to gather support for the Democratic Party in 2014. Obama cannot run for reelection again, but if his liberal allies fail to take the House or worse yet lose the Senate, he is a lame duck president.

Appealing to the emotions of the black electorate, Barack Obama empathized and personalized his own life with that of them and specifically Trayvon Martin. Last year, Martin could have been his son. This year, Martin was him as a young black man. How so I wondered. Did he also drive his fist into people's faces and then slam their skull into concrete when they went down? No, the president said. He was like Trayvon Martin because he also has been racially profiled. Before he was a senator, white women would grip their purses if he entered the elevator with them. When he walked down the street, people locked their car doors. Seriously? His comparison was ridiculous and only stokes the myth of racism in the Zimmerman trial.

I have some news for the president. I have been profiled as well. Yes, decades ago when I was only 16 years old someone thought I was up to no good. It was probably some paranoid creepy ass cracker too. Was I meandering in the rain at night with a hoodie on my head, maybe crossing over peoples property? No, I was merely walking down the sidewalk, nicely dressed on a bright sunny day. Because my parents did not approve of my friends, I stopped at the corner a few blocks away from my home to wait their arrival. I am white, in an all white neighborhood, and yet a homeowner thought I was suspicious for loitering. Maybe it was my long hair I had pulled back in a pony tail or my black leather jacket. Whatever the reason a squad car pulled over to the curb and asked me what I was doing. Now if I had been black, I may complain of racism, however, it is not always racism and instead of reaching through the window and punching that cop in the nose, I simply answered his question. And guess what? He told me to have a nice day and went on his business. If Trayvon Martin had not gone ballistic, maybe, the result with Zimmerman would have been different.

The jury did not think race was an issue and neither do I. However, for argument's sake let's assume Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin because he was black. Is this so unreasonable considering prior burglaries and a home invasion had been committed earlier in the neighborhood by black men? Is the suspicion of young black men unwarranted by society at large? Visit Stateville and notice how 70% of the prison population is black. Review crime statistics as well. In my almanac, in 2008 African-Americans were 12% of the population of the U.S. yet they committed 40% of all violent crimes. This data does not take into account how the vast portion of these violent offenders are male. Are people racist or unreasonable to be more suspicious of black men? Was it not entirely possible for Trayvon Martin to have just walked home instead of assaulting Zimmerman even if he racially profiled him?

Yesterday another member of the Zimmerman jury gave an interview. She was the lone holdout for a few hours who wanted to convict him of manslaughter. As I had wagered my cellmate correctly, she was the sole black juror. If the entire jury was black, I have no doubt their racial prejudices would have affected their ability to follow the law. Zimmerman would have been convicted of manslaughter or 2nd degree murder. He would be in prison until he was an old man or until he died. It is ironic how many black people cry of racial injustice and yet are so willing to do so themselves.


  1. Zimmerman is worth more than the entire bunch of those Cease Fire clowns. Zimmerman's motives for a safe law abiding society are more admirable too.

  2. I wish the "stand your ground" law was available in all the states. Why shouldn't people be able to shoot anyone attacking them, especially if there's no other way to protect yourself. Women especially should be armed because they stand no chance against a man hell bent on raping and killing them. If this was a nationwide law, imagine all the jobs that would be created! How? Teaching citizens how to defend themselves with the help of a weapon.


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