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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Civil War -- November 9, 2012

At 6 p.m. on Election Day, I entered my imaginary war room. Both presidential candidates had a centralized location where information streamed in and they sought to increase their party's turnout. In the evening as polls closed, these so-called war rooms became simply election data centers. Exit polling and raw vote tallies were analyzed and collected state by state, county by county, and even by city districts. The candidate's campaign staff knew exactly what information and areas were important. For example, only 9 swing states were in play this election: Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada. My war room was my prison cell and instead of phones and computers, all I had was my 10-year-old clear plastic RCA television. I had to rely on the network television stations but mainly CNN for information. With my battlefield map of America colored in pencil into red and blue states except for the 9 swing states, I was ready for war.

Since the beginning of the Republican primary, I have paid close attention to the race for the White House. I have been greatly interested in politics since my late teens and I knew this was going to be a historic struggle. Although during the end game both candidates ran to the center and used rhetoric they believed appealed to swing voters, I knew this was misleading. Barack Obama was anything but a moderate. Since the beginning of his political career as a community organizer in Chicago, he was a left wing radical. He believed whole-heartedly in liberal social democracy. The motto "Forward" is not new to politics and has been used for decades by social democrats and communists in Europe. The divisive racial, gender, cultural, and class warfare tactics used by Obama was not simply strategy. He believed in the propaganda he and his campaign spewed forth. Barack Obama wanted to change America from its founding principles and ideals into some warped socialist monstrosity. Obama did not believe in the America set up by Franklin, Jefferson, or Adams. He contrarily looked to the ideals of Trotsky, Lenin, and Marx.

Some people were uncertain exactly who Mitt Romney was. Was he the left of center Republican governor of Massachusetts or the "extreme conservative"? In truth, he was neither. At heart, Mitt Romney believed in conservative principles but he was also a pragmatist in message and in his deeds. Unlike Obama, Romney was raised by two parents in a large conservative Mormon family. He never used drugs and does not smoke or drink. He even abstains from caffeinated beverages. Although both candidates went to elite universities, there could not be a greater contrast in their performance, values, and personal lives. Romney excelled in his studies and while most of the school were hippies who opposed the Vietnam War, he stood out as one of the few conservatives. This is a man with strong moral principles, intelligence, ambition, and work ethic. He is also an acute businessman and did not make millions because of luck or a fluke. His success was due to skill and hard work and because of this I knew it was absurd for liberals to accuse him of being a plutocrat. He believed in individual achievement and merit. His ability to govern in a liberal state and turn around the fortunes of many businesses as well as the Olympic games, would enable him to turn around America even with a Democratic senate. Mitt Romney was a person who could fix the economy and restore American values.

As a prisoner, I could not support Romney's campaign or even vote. I could only hope for his victory. The election coverage completely engrossed me and I tuned out my cellmate as well as the cell house which had just recently come off lockdown. For the next four hours, I stayed glued to my television. This was more riveting to me than any sporting event or movie. This was real and its outcome affected the entire U.S., if not the world. With my headphones on, I switched from station to station attempting to get the best coverage. I had in fact, eliminated all the stations on my TV except those with election coverage so I need not squander time going between them. Before I turned on my TV, I brought out my dinner. I snacked on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and granola cereal nervously while the news was reported. I also had my map of the U.S. in front of me to fill in swing states with red and blue colored pencils. Unfortunately, I only used the red pencil once.

All the political pundits claimed Mitt Romney had to carry the state of Ohio to win. No Republican had ever won without it and supposedly it was essential. Personally, I did not believe them and thought it was most important for Romney to secure the south. If he had Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, he could easily out navigate the Buckeye state. Initially, I was very pleased because North Carolina was quickly called for Romney and in Virginia he was out in a far lead. Florida was close but I was not worried because of the heavy senior vote and the Republicans enormous confidence in winning it. However, as time passed, I saw the counties which were left to be counted. They were all urban Democratic strongholds. In Miami-Dade County, there were lines of people extending entire city blocks still and they were all going to be allowed to vote despite how polling hours had ended. This was not a good sign.

States were being called in the West and still there was no proclaimed victor in Florida or Virginia where the race had narrowed. As the evening proceeded, Romney lost New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Iowa. The outlook was grimmer and grimmer. I thought the political pundits were correct and it all came down to Ohio afterall. Why did Romney not choose Ohio Governor Kasich or Ohio Senator Rob Portman as his running mate I began to think. Even if Romney won the entire south as I anticipated, he needed Ohio because Colorado and Nevada would not get him past the threshold of 270 electoral votes. Not long after, Ohio was called for the president and he was simultaneously declared the victor. This was stunning and catastrophic. The loss I felt was for the entire country which was doomed. Yet in my sorrow, unbelievably the prisoners of Stateville cheered.

It was incredible how a president could win reelection with such an abysmal economic record. Even with the Fed printing billions of dollars, an interest rate of zero, and Obama increasing the deficit from $9 to over $16 trillion dollars, the sum of the nation's entire G.D.P., the economy was still headed for disaster. Unemployment has been at near 8% or worse his entire term and this number is very misleading because it does not account for all those who left the workforce or have been forced to take lower paying jobs or part time work. More people have been on various types of public aid than at any other time in U.S. history. The reckless spending by the White House and short sighted stimulus and aid gimmicks to prop up the economy will not prevent a double dip recession. Since Obama's victory the Dow Jones has plunged over 400 points or 3-1/2% and the worst is yet to come. One of the best TV political ads I saw was made by a man from Hungary who escaped Communism. Somberly he said, "Yes, under socialism the rich will be made poorer but so will the poor." Apparently, this did not sink into all the Obama supporters or they did not care. In the last couple of days the mass media has focused on the huge margins the president won amongst non-white voters, single women, and those between 18 and 28 years old.

The Hispanic population has been rising by millions and is predicted to overtake Caucasians if current immigration policy is not altered. In the 2012 election, they represented 10% of the national vote but was exceedingly higher in specific states. Over 70% of Mexicans voted for Obama giving him victories in the swing states of Colorado, Nevada, and Florida. It was perplexing the Hispanic vote was so enthusiastic and pro-Obama when the president's economic policies caused them great financial hardship. The unemployment rate in Nevada, for example, is the highest in the nation. Furthermore, on social issues, the Republicans seemed to have values which correlated more with them. However, the White House was crafty to give the illusion the Republican party was anti-Hispanic and hammered away at the wedge issue of immigration. While Romney was often quoted as pledging not to grant amnesty and attempt to cause illegal immigrants to "self-deport," Obama in the months leading up to the election decreed he was undermining U.S. law and granting residency status to all immigrants who were brought to America as children.

Mitt Romney and Republicans have tried to reach out to not only Hispanics but African-Americans as well. However, despite this outreach effort, black people voted for Obama by 93%. In some black urban districts Obama won the entire vote. I noticed in Illinois two black Democrat state House members were reelected despite being indicted on corruption charges. Derrick Smith and Jessie Jackson, Jr. won their Chicago districts overwhelmingly. Jackson did not even campaign and was largely confined to a mental hospital for severe bipolar disorder. Blacks subserviently vote Democratic and the Republican challengers never had a chance. Mitt Romney also never had a chance against the black president who is thought of as Moses to his people although he has not delivered the Promised Land and never will. Black unemployment is twice the national average and they continued to suffer under government dependency and serfdom.

The youth vote went decidedly for Obama 60 to 40% in direct contrast to seniors who voted 60 to 40% for Romney. Why were young people so attracted to the radical liberal politics of the president? A few political scientists attributed the phenomena to young people being inclined to be more liberal and attracted to rebellious ideological movements. For example, they pointed out many former hippies of the late 1960s became conservatives as they grew older. This seems plausable although I have always supported the right of the political spectrum. As a child, I thought well of Ronald Reagan and when 17, I helped with Pat Buchanan's Republican primary campaign. After he lost, I supported Ross Perot in the general election. I never considered voting for "Slick Willy" Bill Clinton and in fact was enormously pleased by Newt Gingrich's House leadership which opposed and obstructed the liberal Democrat.

There is more to the 18 to 28 year old vote, however. Homosexuality, casual sex, abortions on demand, and other behaviors long held to be deviant in America have become normalized. The liberal media has increasingly brainwashed young minds to reject traditional social norms. A "square" like Mitt Romney does not have the appeal of a hip, mixed race president who used drugs in college. Furthermore, because of the low fertility rate of Caucasians, more of the youth are non-white or of mixed race like Obama. Demographically and culturally, America is changing. The Obama's campaign was very astute to target this energetic generation with a movement that touted "change". There was certainly a lot of change in America, but no hope. Despite the president's college debt breaks and parental medical care, young adults' future was bleaker than ever before.

Although more married women supported Romney, in the election single females overwhelmingly voted for Obama. The president, liberal media, and feminists repeatedly tried to scare women that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan sought to take away control of their reproduction. Rush Limbaugh compared the attack as reducing women solely to their vagina's as if no other issue mattered to them. The attacks, despite being crude, narrow, and deceptive, were effective at creating another wedge. Romney only sought to stop government mandates to provide abortion and contraception, but liberals were able to make many single women turn away from voting Republican. Issues of the economy, unemployment, mounting debt and other failures of the Obama administration were lost or deprioritized. However, I think Obama won single women less on the reproductive issue than the nanny state. Unlike married women, single women tended to favor socialism with its public programs, aid, and assistance. Married women were less insecure and tended to have more conservative values, furthermore.

Since the election, the media and Democrats have been using the exit polling results to pounce on Republicans. They claim the Republican party is dead unless they change their platform to be more inclusive. The changing demographics and culture of America will soon make them go extinct as Caucasians continue to disappear. In 1992, the last election I was free to vote, 87% of voters were white, but 20 years later, they were only 72% of the electorate. With time, white people will decline further and be replaced by those of color. Mitt Romney won 60% of the white vote, more than any other candidate since Reagan in 1984. However, while this contributed to a landslide victory for the "Gipper," it was insignificant today. America has become a cosmopolitan state since my childhood without any racial, cultural, or moral homogeneity.

These people who decree the death of the Republican Party are premature. Despite how Barack Obama won the electoral college overwhelmingly 332 to 206, his victory was sealed by less than 1% of the U.S. population. Several swing states could have easily went the other way if the Republicans ran a better campaign and were as effective in voter turnout. For example, Florida was finally declared today to send its 30 electoral votes to Obama. However, the president won only by 70,000 out of 9 million votes cast, less than 1%. The liberal media and Democrats have a political motive to attribute the Republican's defeat to its platform. The Republicans who agree are still stunned by the loss after they had overly high expectations. There were Republicans boldly making predictions Romney would win in a landslide despite polling numbers showing a tight race or Obama advantage. Some even ridiculously thought Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania would be won. They were living in a fantasy world and now that their illusion was shattered, they are dazed and confused.

It is the liberal Democrats who use race, gender, and class to divide Americans, not the Republicans. The conservative message transcends these divisions and it does not need to be altered only communicated and organized more effectively. Obama's campaign decisively defeated Romney's campaign. The Democrats were able to define their opponent early and this slanderous and misleading characterization was not able to be changed once formed. In fact, Obama has been in campaign mode nearly his entire term. While Romney was in a slug fest with other Republicans, he was also being hit by the White House. Obama was a community organizer and has always been a specialist at public relations. His campaign team was greatly more effective creating perceptions, strategy, and voter turnout. Democrats had an enormous ground operation especially in coordination with the unions. It was also far more technologically advanced with sophisticated data mining computers to find voters. The social media outreach was overwhelmingly better using the Internet and having allies on popular television shows and not just news programs. Communism won in Eastern Europe not simply on their propaganda but because they fought in the streets. Conservatives must match Democrats ruthless total war tactics to win.

The Republican Party need not tone down the conservative ideals but reinforce and focus them. The party should embrace the Republic's initial values which made America the greatest and most powerful nation on earth. I thought this was happening with the Tea Party movement but those with religious motives co-opted the movement. The spirit of the Revolution was captured in the Constitution. The new Republic was based on the premise of limited government, rugged individualism and freedom. These were actually radical thoughts in the 1700's with societies based not on merit but aristocracy with a divisive class system of power or theocracy with a religious order. The monarchies of Europe were believed to have God-given authority. The founding fathers of America reversed this and gave inalienable God-given rights to the people. The people were now responsible for their success or failure. The government no longer controlled and dominated society. This is what created the American dream where millions of Europeans left their homelands, including my ancestors. However, America no longer is a 13 state colony with only several million people and vast uninhabited land. America has over 300 million people now and can and must be meticulous with its immigration policy. Allowing the country to be invaded from the southern border is not acceptable.

In Barack Obama's victory speech he declared there was no more red or blue state, only the United States. However, the country is more divided by the smallest margins than ever before. The federal legislature remained virtually the same except moderate congress members were weeded out. The state governments were even more red or blue than before the election as well. The Republicans controlled both houses in 27 states and Democrats in 19. Of these 46 states, nearly all had politically corresponding governors. In Illinois, for example, Pat Quinn will be chief executive over a legislature where the Democrats have a super majority in the House and Senate. Republicans will be completely impotent in Illinois come January.

Earlier this week, I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show and he proposed a solution. Simply divide the nation in half with Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other. In time, Limbaugh speculated, the border would be like the Berlin Wall with millions of defecting Democrats trying to escape. This made me think about the secession movements in Scotland, Catalonia, Quebec and Flemish Belgium. I also thought about the secession movement already on its way in Texas, although it is not taken seriously. All of the red states could seceed from the union. Obama could rule with an iron fist like Stalin on his side of the wall. The president would not have to deal with obstruction from the Republican controlled House or virtually any opposition. He could set up the social democracy or Marxist state he always dreamed of and the people who elected him could be jubilantly happy at least temporarily until the utopian illusions fade. However, I know the president who thinks of himself as greater than Lincoln would never let the country be divided. America would be plunged into another Civil War. Yet this sounds more appealing than moving "forward". I have been in prison over half my life and for Americans who do not know what it is like, freedom is worth fighting, and even dying, for.


  1. Ross Perot took 16% of the vote in that election, A number previously thought not possible for any 3rd party candidate. Your man did well but in losing he ENSURED Bill Clinton's victory by siphoning off much needed votes from George H.W. Bush.

  2. The only reason Obama got the nomination in 2008 over Hilary is because John Edwards stayed in the primary and took votes away from Hilary.


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