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Friday, January 8, 2010

Editor Alert: Paul Being Harassed in Prison at this Time

This is to let Paul's readers and fans know that he is being harassed in prison right now. A few posts ago, Paul wrote about the doings of the people running the prison Commissary, how they were routinely violating the law by overcharging, etc. In an unfair, closed, and brutal place such as Stateville, revenge can come fast and hard. The guards came into Paul's cell and took all his belongings.

It is a well-known fact that Paul writes his blog. To do so, he needs a pencil or pen. Last time the Commissary workers came around, they failed to fill his order for two little pens. At that time, he also had only a tiny pencil stub left. They know that if he has no writing utensil, he cannot write his blog posts, his letters, or do his legal work or his work on the stock market. In a place like Stateville, freedom of speech can hinge upon something so simple as not having a pencil with which to write.

At Stateville, the prisoners are allowed only two boxes of belongings -- this includes clothing, toiletries, dishes, books, papers -- everything has to fit into the two boxes. Any time they leave their cell, all items must be placed within the boxes, or it is confiscated by the guards. Paul is very good about keeping his belongings in the boxes.

Today, the guards came in and took all his belongings and gave him a disciplinary ticket on a bogus charge of having too much stuff. Harassment! Paul has had false charges leveled against him before. He endures the harassment, since he has no choice but to do so -- the guards have guns and will kill a prisoner who does not comply. Later he does what he does so well-- writes up a legal document complaining about the maltreatment.

We will try to keep you posted on what is happening to Paul as he endures this harassment. If he is placed into segregation on some sort of trumped-up charges, we will keep you posted. We will do everything to keep you informed on what is happening.

Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers at this time.


  1. Is paul in Solitary?

  2. No. He faces many bogus charges. Staff have not followed their own rules, so only time will tell what charges will be upheld and which punishments will be levied. Paul's recourse will be to file grievances, which take months to be read and decided by staff in Springfield.

  3. Hey...hey...easy now...Guards do not have "guns!" Only white shirts have mace and only tower guards have weapons. (also writ officers but that's not the case here with Paul.) Paul needs to understand that everything he says, in person or over the phone, or writes, will be seen by State employees so he shouldn't "state the law" but rather express his opinion in a way that doesn't make those with power to mess with him, willing to mess ith him. It is a fine line Paul didn't seem to cross except with commissary posting...but it is survival of the fittest-he needs to express himself without putting the guards or joint in danger of lawsuits or they will come down hard on him, as they already are as it seems. Sorry need to kep doing what you were doing and state what you state as "opinion" not "they break the law." For that you have other avenues of travel...use those for that and protect yur blog like you would a little flowr...too much sun, or water, or not enough of both will kill the plant. Your blog. Is 2012 so Paul is smarter than we give him credit...just watch that arogance that comes to superior people...and Paul you are one hell of a yourself and leave law breaking by the State of your blog. You have 50 milion ways to tel us about it, without telling us about it.


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