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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homosexuals in Maximum Security -- March 4, 2010

Earlier this week, I had a number of articles of clothing I needed repaired, including a shoe. I do not have a needle, and there was only one person I knew who did: "Johnny the Queer." Johnny often sews clothes for people, and will charge them a small fee. He is very good at his hustle, and his stitches look like they were made by a sewing machine. Although he does a good job, I did not want to send my clothes down to him. I like to do my own work, plus one of the things I needed sewn was a pair of boxer briefs. "Johnny the Queer" was not going to be fantasizing about me while sewing my underwear.

I told Johnny that I needed to see his needle for a couple of days. I do not have a good rapport with him, and I occasionally make fun of him, but he is a friendly person usually looking to please--I had the needle in my hands the following day. Johnny not only sent me a good thick needle, but his entire sewing kit. I had not seen one of those in years. It has been about 10 years since needle kits have been sold in maximum security. Much of that day and the following one, I spent sewing various clothes, including two pair of gloves, some thermal underwear, a pair of shorts, sweatpants, a button that came off my pants, and a gym shoe, where the leather had torn. Toward the end of my sewing projects, I was getting pretty good at my work. So good that I told my cellmate that I could probably make Johnny a woman's suit like Buffalo Bill from the movie "Silence of the Lambs." I then did a voice impression of the homosexual lunatic. That got my cellmate laughing.

Johnny the Queer, or JQ, as my cellmate likes to call him, is in prison for sexually molesting boys. Years ago, Johnny could not have been in general population or he would have been killed, or always at risk of being assaulted. However, prison is not as violent as it once was, and he has managed to get by without too much trouble. Johnny, from word of mouth, has been raped and assaulted several times in the past, but not any time recently. Some people have commented that some of the rapes were not rapes at all, but consensual. It is no secret that he likes men or boys. This week, Johnny brought a bag back from his work detail filled with a bunch of muffins, and although most guards would not care, this particular officer told him to throw them away. The guard's animosity for Johnny was quite apparent. The guard did not like him because a while back he was searching his cell and found a number of boys' pictures taken out of magazines in his photo album. Johnny is labeled a "vulnerable" for cell assignments now, and it is customary for special care to be taken when his cellmates are chosen. However, a few years ago, I remember he had a cellmate who would not let him come off his bunk without permission, and I have heard that the man took all of his purchased commissary.

There are a lot of homosexuals in prison, but most are undercover. You will rarely see a sissy in general population. Most sissies, or noticeable homosexuals, are in protective custody. A sissy is distinguished from other gay men in prison due to their obvious attempt to act and dress like women. Sissies will wear their hair like a woman and try to come up with substitutes for makeup. For example, they will use fruit punch drink mix to dye their lips red. Years ago, they would alter their clothes, but this is not allowed anymore. Everyone must dress in state blues, and they cannot be redesigned or altered in any way. Long ago, sissies had female underwear both prison made and smuggled in store-bought.

I remember a most grotesque sissy from many years ago while I was at Pontiac correctional. He went by the name of Pocahontas, but looked more like a sickly Alice Cooper in drag. Pocahontas was a mixed race Indian who had straggly long black hair, painted nails, stained red lips, and eyes heavy with black mascara. In the summer, he often wore very short blue jean shorts, and a pink T-shirt tied above his waist. The man had epilepsy as well as HIV. Every now and then, Pocahontas would be seen convulsing on the floor, and foaming at the mouth. Aid was slow to arrive for him, and med techs took their time putting on rubber gloves before touching him. The man filed a grievance, and as part of the settlement, he was allowed to work or attend the Culinary Arts school. The guards often ate at the school because it had better food than the officers' kitchen, but after Pocahontas was allowed to cook there, no one ate their food.

I have only seen a few sissies while in Stateville's general population the last four years. The last one I noticed lived on the gallery above mine, but he rarely came out of his cell. Many prisoners expressed dislike of the homosexual, but there were a few men who contrarily tried befriending, or even seducing, the sissy. The gallery worker on the evening shift was seen often at his bars talking to him, and giving him presents such as sweets. I have been told that Hershey Kisses have been given on more than one occasion to the homosexual. If there was any doubt about the gallery worker, there is no longer, although he was not the only man wooing him. In fact, one of the other men's love letters was somehow intercepted, and he quickly signed into protective custody.

Some men in prison believe there is a difference between acting the part of a man in a homosexual relationship, and acting as a woman. Some of those who play the role of the man are not ashamed by their sexual perversion. I was at the health care unit once speaking with a man telling me all about my former neighbor. From what he told me, my former neighbor was a homosexual. I tend to put little credibility in much of the gossip I hear, and thus I asked him how he knew all this. He told me that he used to give him blow jobs all the time, even from outside the cell bars. Certainly this man was telling the truth, and not just spreading untrue gossip, but I no longer wanted to speak with him.

After that conversation, I happened to see my former neighbor. We were separated in different holding cages. He recognized me and began shouting to get my attention. I did not care to speak to him, but I got up from my seat to see what he wanted. The man asked me if French kissing was allowed on visits. I told him "no," and was about to go back to my seat. However, he said to me that he had seen me French kissing a girl in the visiting room. I told him the rules forbade it, but on occasion, guards will turn a blind eye to it if you do not make a scene. The man said his wife was coming up to see him soon, and I said, "You mean your civil union partner"? He said no, his wife. He then pulled out a photograph of a women and two kids as he told me he was married with children. I asked him if he cut that photo out of a magazine, but it was apparent the man was telling the truth--a few weeks later I did see him in the visiting room with the woman. Men come to prison sometimes with wives or girlfriends, but are homosexuals while incarcerated.

While in Cook County Jail, I learned that gangs controlled the prisons, and if you were not in one, your life could be quite miserable. My life would be quite miserable regardless, and because I tend to be a loner I cared less about joining a gang. However, if I did, I thought, I may join the "Northsiders" or the "Aryan Brotherhood." When I came to prison, I learned the well known Aryan Brotherhood did not exist in Illinois except for a handful of people who migrated from other prisons. I happened to meet a few of these men, and they happened to be some of the more despicable characters in prison. Although they got a lot of respect because of the violence they committed, they were also known to be homosexuals who had sissies. Two Aryan Brothers had sissies move into their cells. A third, I learned, bought the rights to a sissy and was pimping the man. The Northsiders were a more virtuous gang, but I learned that even some of them had homosexual tendencies. Having said this, however, black and Mexican gangs also have many homosexuals.

In my first year in the penitentiary, I was in the shower and went to the bench for some shampoo. When I returned, a sissy was in my shower. I told him to leave, and although he gave me a smile and hesitated, he got out when I told him again. Later, though, while washing my hair, he got in the shower with me. I immediately struck him, and gave him a few more blows until he curled up into a ball on the floor. The white men I knew thought it was highly entertaining that a sissy, particularly a black one, came to the white side of the shower room to mess with me. I did not find it amusing to be tested by a gay man. Later, the sissy's pimp came to my cell with threats. This matter also ended in violence, and almost led to a bigger problem because the pimp was a gang member.

Prison is often thought of as a place where rapes are common. However, most of the homosexual conduct is consensual, as I believe the Richard Speck videotape demonstrated to an astonished public in the late 1990s. If you have not heard of the video, it showed Richard Speck, the murderer of seven nurses in Chicago, snorting cocaine and having sex with another man . The videotape was made by Speck and was set up in his cell at Stateville. Years ago, homosexuals were often engaging in homosexual activity, whether that be in the cells, in the gym, on the yard in portable toilets, in the showers, or even during chapel services. I remember homosexuals had a specific time they went to the showers back when shower rooms were open all day. In the gym, they were often seen going behind the bleachers. I have witnessed men lined up at a porti-pod to be with one sissy or another. Now, there is not as much free movement, and showers are run at specific times for specific galleries. They are also locked during and after use. Portable toilets have been cut in half, and there are no longer doors to them.

A couple of times while at Stateville, I have been assigned cells with homosexuals. The first time, I was not certain the man was gay. He had long hair and wore it in a feminine manner, but this in itself did not make him gay, therefore, I moved into the cell. It was not long, however, before I was to learn with certainty. At the time, cell assignments were made by the head counselor. I complained to the man, and asked him why he gave me a homosexual for a cellmate. His response was that the man was quiet, clean, and respectful, and I should count my blessings in a prison such as Stateville where I could do much worse. Possibly, he spoke some truth, but I was soon thereafter moved to another cell.

On the second occasion, I was intentionally moved into a cell with a homosexual by a cell house sergeant I had a disagreement with. The female sergeant went on a rant accusing me of being a blue eyed devil, and then some. She ordered me to pack up my belongings because she had a cellie just for me. I could not refuse a direct order, so I packed up my property onto a cart. She led me to another part of the cell house where upon a door was opened, and she said, "Say hello to your new cellie." Inside was a naked, 350 pound, 6 foot 6 inch black man. I told her she was mistaken if she thought I was going to move in there--and I was consequently sent to Segregation.

On a third occasion, a sissy was moved into my cell. As soon as he moved in, I told him that this was not going to work. In an apparent attempt to make me change my mind, he offered me some gym shoes and other commissary, which I refused. I went on a visit that day, and told the sissy he had better be gone when I returned. When I returned, my cell was vacated.

I may have to deal with homosexuals while in prison. However, I refuse to live in a 10 x 5 foot cage with one. There are a lot of bad elements in maximum security penitentiaries, and it is better to have them outside my cell bars than within. As I close this journal entry, Johnny the Queer happened to walk by and say hello. I ignored him. I may borrow a sewing needle from him, but he is not my friend. He is not even an acquaintance. He is nothing but a degenerate pedophile with a sewing kit.


  1. Paul, glad to see you have the blog up and running again. Hang in there.

    Chip Plumb

  2. only been in county myself (joliet) where gay wasnt really a problem ( 2 yrs probation 5 thousand in fines(not going to pay in time either) with a felony for a fistfight!! in which i showed up to my sons mother being sexually assaulted by a drunk guy who happened to be friends with alot of cops and was in the academy himself..never being in jail before i agreed to accept anything thrown at me for my freedom only to realize with my felony on the outside the majority of my freedoms were taken from me..wanted to join the army and keep my firearms)not even close to what you have gone through but my first run-in with the law opened my eyes somewhat to the "justice system".but i dont see what the huge deal is..maybe being locked up for so long your just not used to it??i myself could care less if my cellie was gay that doesnt mean i have to do things with him and in no way am i gay so it would mean nothing..however i could see the problem if being in there with him may cause issues between u and other inmates?? as for the the naked 350lb 6'6 naked black man..LOL , not that your situation in any way is funny( i believe it is gross what they did to you) nd not sure if that was your attempt at humor but even if this was done to me i myself could not help but laugh!!sounds like something written out of a comedy movie no??(granted me or you being in prison is absolutely no laughing matter) thankfully you didnt have to cell with him but that guard def knew what she was others look bad upon people being roommates with gays inside?? just curious because little has been said so far on the whole gay issue and im reading your blog in order, signed petition and going to def write the governor and give him my 2 please reply

  3. Good for you for defending your honor. Stay chaste.

  4. Wow, thought about investigating your case and getting involved in helping you until I realized you are such a homophobe. Will invest my efforts in people who deserve them.

    1. So only politically correct people are deserving of justice?

    2. Really, with that attitude I would not want your help. This individual Paul who writes this blog regardless of the circumstances is expressing his right. freedom of speech, thought and belief. Got a problem with that?

    3. Freedom of speech. It's Paul's right.

    4. Freedom of speech goes both ways. His freedom to say what he wants, others freedom to disagree with him. Freedom of speech only applies to government restriction on peoples speech, has nothing to do with general right to say whatever you want without judgement from others.

  5. "Johnny the Queer" was not going to be fantasizing about me while sewing my underwear."

    Pretty high opinion of yourself eh? Do you think a gay man might be capable of sewing anothers underwear without imagining the owner wearing them? Do you know how many gay people pumped your gas,served your food,rang up and bagged your grocery order and many other services you paid for while you were a free man?

    Paul if you are ever freed and I do hope that you are eventually, You will need to realize that in this day an age the words "Queer and Sissy" are not used anymore.Gay people are much more accepted in society today. Roll with the times or get run over by them Paul.

    Live and let live.

  6. Wow...thought your blog was going to be interesting until about the 3 paragraph. Homophobic, uninteresting observation and yes I read more than half before I figured out this was not a redemption story.

    1. Paul deserves justice no matter his beliefs.

    2. Agree with Anon. of Oct. 18 (above). Whoever wrote the Sept. 9th comment is beyond hope if he concludes Paul is not innocent just because he does not approve of homosexuality! (Perhaps he's gay and can't take criticism? Well, news alert: the majority of humans are repulsed by homosexuals, especially those who flaunt it in public places!)

    3. "Homophobic"? Perhaps I'll check my dictionary!! Lots of people disapproved of homosexuals and their lifestyle. Paul is by no means expressing a minority opinion. And Paul is entitled to his own beliefs! Sept. 9th anonymous: you're an ass to even think that way. Paul doesn't need "redemption." He needs justice and freedom!

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  9. He's only doing what he must to protect himself. His refusal to go into the cell with the 350 pound guy was both wise, brave, and strategic. Good work!


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