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Friday, August 16, 2019


As you all know Paul's court date was today and no decision was made on if it would be docketed. The issue was continued until October 4th so we will find out then if his petition ends up on the docket. Keep sending your hopes, prayers and thoughts Paul's way!

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  1. In max for over 25 years. If he don’t get out then what. Another 25? Or more. I’d guess more. 50 in would make him 68. He might make it to be 80 years old. Or even 85. So that would mean 62 to 74 years in maximum security. That ain’t no way to live. It ain’t livin’. Can you do it Paul?

    1. Admins - please take down these posts where these fucking assholes taunt Paul.

  2. I did 18 years in Stateville. Just a horrible godawful forsaken place. A concrete and steel above ground tomb. Any longer and I woulda killed myself.

  3. Thank you for updating us! I can only hope and pray that hundreds of folks take 15 minutes to write to Gov. Pritzker to encourage him to free Paul! Not only is he innocent but has suffered for far too many years in prison for lending his car to a murderer. Court testimony proves that Paul was asked by a so-called friend if he could use his car to take a mutual friend home. Being a nice guy, Paul said OK. That's his "crime." By the way, a woman who witnessed all this was at the trial to testify to this--she was standing next to Paul when he was asked if XXXXXXX could use his car. SHE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TESTIFY because Paul's lawyer refused to allow her to do so. He said it was "unnecessary, because it was obvious that Paul did nothing wrong." Juries do make mistakes and this is an example of justice denied.

  4. Paul if it’s a alright my wife and I’d like to send you a small refrigerator for your cell there if they’ll let y’all have’m. Just let us know here on your blog and we’ll send one out care of the warden there at Statesville.

  5. Wrote to the governor.


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