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Monday, February 4, 2019

Live Tweeting Dead of Winter

Just a heads up, we will be live tweeting the Dead of Winter episode Last Christmas on our brand new Twitter account.


  1. I think the episode was very one sided, it didn't cover Paul being Autistic, nor the other guys wife testifying that they framed Paul, it was Robert that committed the murder. Pisses me off they didn't show the full story.

    1. Exactly and left out a lot of relevant information about the Palatine Massacre

    2. I have yet to see it because I don't have the Discovery Channel, but from what so many have told me it wasn't accurate, didn't mention the dual jury trial, and certainly didn't reveal that Paul was at his sister's house that night. His sister and her husband were both at the court house several days waiting to be called to testify. Paul's crappy lawyer never called them. When asked why, his response was "There was no evidence presented, so why rock the boat?"


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