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Friday, February 8, 2019

Dead of Winter Last Christmas Initial Reponse

We Put together a short post with the initial responses to the Dead of Winter episode Last Christmas here. We've also added case documents and affidavits to the website.


  1. I didn't get to watch the program because I don't have cable TV, but from what I've heard from my friends who did, it wasn't based on facts but simply created for drama. The program didn't mention the dual jury trial with Faraci nor Paul's totally incompetent defense lawyer (that man had zero experience because he was a corporate lawyer). FACT: Many of Paul's jurors were crying when they learned that Faraci's jury acquitted him. They even told news reporters they would never have voted guilty had they known Faraci was acquitted.

    1. There are ways to watch it online if you do enough searching but you're correct with the gist of it.

      Do you have a source about Paul's jurors being in tears? I hadn't heard that.

  2. Why wasn't the female FBI informant charged as a co-conspirator in the fraudulent check cashing scheme at that time!! Why wasn't Bob Faraci at least charged on the lesser for his part in the scheme and being at the scene of a homocide?? No faith in this corrupt, fucked up world.

    1. Nadine had all potential charges dropped against her in exchange for her testimony.
      I don't know why they didn't charge Bob for cashing fake checks but he was only charged with first degree murder.


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