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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Editor's Note:

Internal Affairs arrested Paul, confiscated all his personal belongings, and took him to the Segregation Unit in the Round House. After more than 30 days, only a few things have been returned to him.

Conspicuously missing are many of his journal entries which were either taken from the mailroom, or were in his property box ready to be mailed. Obviously, Internal Affairs is concerned about what Paul reports to the public and decided to confiscate his mail.

Paul's complaints sent to IDOC in Springfield go unanswered. Perhaps they were confiscated by Internal Affairs, who seems to answer to no one.


  1. In all these pages I could find nothing about the poor kid who was killed. You and your creepy friends are responsible for it. And all you do is moan about your predicament. Do you ever stop and think that you are responsible for your own choices in life?

  2. Dear Anonymous, Please note that Paul Modrowski had nothing to do with the death of Dean Fawcett. Paul was convicted, wrongly and falsely, on an accountability theory for supposedly lending his car to the man who supposedly killed Dean Fawcett. Paul did not lend his car to that man -- and that man was acquitted of the murder. Paul did not even know that Dean Fawcett was dead -- he thought Dean went to California. Again, Paul had absolutely nothing to do with the killing of Dean Fawcett. Nothing.

  3. Total baloney. He was with the kid....writing bad checks and taking advantage of the situation. For you to espouse that he is totally blameless and act like he didnt even know the guy just weakens your credibility.

  4. Lenarczak then
    went to pick up Fawcett and drove him back to her motel, where he tried to
    telephone Faraci. When Fawcett and Lenarczak prepared to leave the motel soon
    thereafter, Faraci and Modrowski arrived in Faraci's car. According to
    Lenarczak, Modrowski jumped out of the car, opened the passenger door of
    Lenarczak's car, and told Fawcett to get out. Modrowski and Fawcett argued
    for a short time about the missing wallet and checks, and then Modrowski
    pushed Fawcett into the back seat of Faraci's car as Fawcett demanded to be
    taken home. Lenarczak stated that that was the last time she saw Fawcett.

  5. Didnt even know he was dead? But he is living in Florida with the (according to him) murderers? Why dont you look honestly at this situation?

    Rose Faraci (Mrs. Faraci) testified that she married Robert Faraci in
    April 1992. She stated that Palasz lived with the couple until she ejected
    him. Sometime later, Modrowski moved in to live with the Faracis. Mrs.
    Faraci stated that she never knew Modrowski by his true name, but only by the
    name Viktor Himmler. Mrs. Faraci acknowledged being a party to the fraudulent
    check-writing scheme and admitted that she knew that Fawcett was already dead
    when she forged one of his checks on January 6, 1993. Soon thereafter, the
    Faracis moved to Florida, followed immediately by defendant. Mrs. Faraci
    testified that she and Modrowski rented an apartment there as husband and wife
    under the names Rosalie Rugo and Viktor Himmler.

  6. Are you a person who was actually at the trial? Then you would also know that Lenarczak told many versions of this story to different police, and from the witness seat at the trial. Jurors referred to this woman as "the coke whore" because she had been using drugs daily at the time this supposedly occurred! Heck, she couldn't even remember what color the car was!

    Next commentator also has erred: Mrs. Faraci flew to Florida--alone. Faraci and Modrowski arrived by car a few days later. Mrs. Faraci rented an apartment, by herself, BEFORE Faraci and Modrowski even arrived. Mrs. Faraci filled out the rental agreement, and listed Modrowski as Himlor. H-I-M-L-O-R Why? She testified it was because her husband had bad credit!

    You seem to be one who was involved in this trial, so you should check out the facts before making accusations.

  7. Several people said that Dean Fawcett fled to California to avoid arrest in his own check scam. Dean told others that he was cutting his long ragged hair and changing its color to avoid police. One man said he spoke to Dean on the telephone on New Years Day.

    I see many inconsistencies in this case, and given all this, I do not understand why people post such mean and false things about Modrowski. He was named the "primary suspect" in the Browns Chicken murders too. Could that be the reason he was convicted? Could it be that juries make mistakes?

  8. What more can you take from this poor guy? Even if he made a FEW poor choices when he was younger, he has certainly, beyond a shadow of a doubt paid dearly. This is truly Draconian punishment in every sense of the word short of overt physical torture. Paul, you are a champion. Please keep whatever faith you may have left.


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